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About Lviv

Were you in lviv Then you will forever remember the unique beauty of this city, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, remembering its beautiful streets, churches, monuments, houses,   theaters, museums, clubs, small cozy cafes and interesting restaurants, as well as friendly residents ...

If you have never been to Lviv - then you must come here to see this pearl of Europe, because only here you can feel the wonderful combination of the past and the present. These are unique temples and cathedrals, frescoes and paintings, holidays, festivals and artistic events.

Lviv is a city of history, culture and religion, the center of tourism, education and art.

The stormy and extremely interesting story of the unique Ukrainian city of Lviv has seven and a half centuries. Lviv was in the middle of the XIII century as the capital of a mighty Eastern European state - the Galician-Volyn principality.

Due to its unique geographical location at the intersection of the main trade routes between the West and the East, Lviv in the XV-XVII centuries becomes the leading trade center of Eastern Europe, the largest city in Ukraine. Having been in the European cultural space for half a century, Lviv has become a true architectural pearl, a center for book publishing, crafts and arts.

In the 18th and 20th centuries, as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Lviv became famous as a city of technical innovations, in particular, the first time in the world invented kerosene and kerosene lamp. At the beginning of the 20th century, Lviv became the capital of the world's third largest oil producer after the United States and Russia. In 1939-1991, Lviv was ruled by a totalitarian Soviet Union. Since the moment Ukraine has gained independence, the city acquires the status of the cultural and spiritual capital of the Ukrainian state. The end of the XIX century - the beginning of the XX century - a period of national upsurge among the Galician Ukrainians. Lviv becomes the center of national revival, the mecca of the life and activities of the galaxy of the best Ukrainian politicians, cultural figures, writers and human rights activists.

Lviv played a key role in gaining independence from Ukraine. It was here that initiated the state-building processes of the formation and approval of the project of the Ukrainian independent state.

Since the moment Ukraine has gained independence, the city acquires the status of the cultural and spiritual capital of the Ukrainian state. In 1998, the city of Lviv was added to the list of world-famous architectural monuments protected by UNESCO.

In 2004, Lviv played the role of the main social catalyst of the democratic Orange Revolution. Recently, in 2006, the city celebrated its 750th anniversary.

Today the city continues its confident development and improvement. The authorities and the city community are working on improving the city's infrastructure, developing numerous investment projects, optimizing the education and multicultural spirit of the city, and warmly congratulate new guests of Ukraine's heart.

Welcome to Lviv!

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