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Українська мова ''Interes’но у Львові'' Русский язык ''Interes’но во Львове'' English
Interes'но во Львове - ваш персональный гид по Львову. Экскурсии по Львову

"Lviv everywhere" is a transport and pedestrian excursion, which includes the most interesting objects of the city.

This 7-hour   The pedestrian-transport excursion will introduce you to the main historical heritage of the city of Lviv: the monuments of the Old Kniazhny (13th c.),
Polish (14th-18th centuries) and Austrian (19-20th centuries) periods of the formation of Lviv, as well as the highest point of the city of the High Castle and Lychakiv cemetery.
First, get acquainted with the Old Russian part of the city, the oldest shopping area of ​​the city "Old Market "where already from 13th. stopped merchants from different edges and traded with their goods. We will see the oldest temple of Lviv - the church of John the Baptist (beginning of the 13th century), now there is the Museum of Ancient Lviv, in which there are two models of ancient Lviv 13-14 century. and 17-18th century. The royal Constance, the wife of Danil Galitsky, the founder of our city, is buried here -
Prince Lev. And next there is another princely church - the temple of St. Nicholas, who was the court church of the Galician-Volyn princes. All this reminds us and tells us about the prince of the epoch of the city of Lviv. After reviewing the prince's city, we go to the High Castle Castle   to see the panorama of the ancient city from the height of the bird's flight.
Returning to the central part of the city, we will visit two major city theaters "Opera House" and "Theater of Mariya Zankovetska". Let's go past the remnants of the city's defensive walls of the 14th-16th centuries. and the Austrian building of the 19th and 20th centuries. We walk directly over the Poltva River, closed to the tunnel, the central avenue of Freedom
to the monument to Taras Shevchenko. Here we enter the medieval city and from the Latin Quarter begins our acquaintance with the old city. Jesuit Church
college - the institution where Bogdan Khmelnytsky studied, where the University of Lviv, the Market Square with 44 nights and the Town Hall, and the City Hall, the Latin Cathedral - the one of the oldest Gothic temples of Ukraine, the Boim's Chapel, is the only one preserved from the middle-aged a cemetery with an extremely rich sculpture in the style of manicurism
Visit the Italian courtyard and pharmacy-museum with the room of the alchemist and Lviv dungeons, we will see interesting Lviv cafes devoted to events and people that complement the impression of the city. In the Armenian quarter, we will see a very interesting "House of the Year of the Year" and the Armenian Cathedral of the 14th, which is known all by the movie "Dartanyan and three Musketeers", where a musketeers and guardsmen fight took place here. The complex of the Dominican Church will surprise you with its ease and refinement. , it directly adjoins the defensive structures that defended the city from the east. This Royal Arsenal, in which the stock of weapons was stored, contained workshops for the casting of bells and guns. On the former shafts survived the Powder Tower 16th. We go to the Russian district where the Ukrainians settled and look at the complex of the Assumption Church, which belonged to the Stavropigyevsky Brotherhood, which was the religious and cultural center of the Orthodox Lviv. Here Ivan Fedorov published his books, whose monument reminds us of this. Next, we will see the City Arsenal of the 16th century, where there was the executioner and the house of the cat, and in the basements there was a prison. In the Middle Ages there was a Jewish quarter behind the city arsenal. From the Jewish Quarter we will go to the complex of the former Bernardine Monastery, behind the walls of which began the most dangerous route for the city - the Glinka path, which came to the city of Turkish troops and Tatar hordes.
Monastery walls were the first to take hostile blows. Monument to the founder of the city, the first and only Ukrainian king Danil Galitsky, Georges Hotel, in which Honore de Balzac stopped by going to his beloved, a monument to Adam Mickiewicz and the first Lviv skyscraper, here we are again on Prospect of Freedom .
The tour continues with the Austrian part of Lviv. We are looking at the former Shlyakhta casino where the House of Scientists is located now, the building of the former Galician Sejm which today is the main building of the University named after them. Ivan Franko and the oldest park in Ukraine are the park of Ivan Franko, before which a monument to the poet rises 13 meters. Visit the masterpiece of the Ukrainian Baroque   - St. George's Cathedral (18th c.), which is the main temple of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.   Neo-Gothic Temple
St. Elizabeth and Olga, the only one allowed to build a new place during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Lviv Polytechnic, prison on Lonsky, palaces of magnate generations of Belsky, Sapieg and Potocki (the latter now contains the Lviv art gallery).
Lychakivsky cemetery is one of the largest and most reckless European cemeteries, founded in 1786. Here from the first years of its foundation the people of famous, noble, richest people - representatives of culture, art, science and the entire political and administrative elite of the capital of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria - were buried. Now it is a museum on an area of ​​more than 42 hectares, and a tomb in which more than 400 thousand people reside. Its territory is sculpture and architecture of famous artists: Hartman Witwer, Schimser brothers, Paul Evtelye, H.Per'ye, Yu.Markovskoho, I.Levynskoho, H.Kuznevycha, S.Lytvynenka, Ye.Dzyndry and others. The graves of people of different nationalities - Ukrainians, Poles, Austrians, Germans, Armenians and many others who were representatives of all known Christian ceremonies - Catholics, Greek Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, etc. were decorated with masterpieces that came out of their incisors. That's the end of your interesting and meaningful acquaintance with the city, after which it would be worth dining in one of the Lviv coffee shops, to choose which guide to you after learning about your wishes and preferences!

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