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Walking tour

Walking tour lasts 3 hours. This tour of downtown, which will inform you in detail the heart of the city!

"Streets of the ancient citi" - tour for those who are wondering charms ancient legends, riddles and mysteries of old streets, a bouquet of styles and eras, Lviv paving, outstanding facilities and their residents. And most importantly - is the atmosphere of antiquity, which fragment by fragment felt by tourists. Accompanied excursion by a guide, you can decipher mysterious inscriptions on the walls, learn the secrets of Lviv lions, learn about  life ancient residents of Lviv, Lviv traditions, etc.

Objects: Liberty Avenue, Opera House, Tower of the merchants, the monument to Shevchenko, clink, monument to Pidcova, Jesuit Church, Market Square, Latin cathedral, Boim Chapel, Town Hall, the Italian court, Black kamyanytsya, Pharmacy Museum, the Armenian Church , Pryobrazhenska church, building "seasons year", the Church of the Dominicans, the Royal Arsenal and a monument to Fedorov, defensive wall and moat, the Powder Tower, Complex Assumption Church, City arsenal, the Jewish Quarter, Bernardine monastery complex, monuments to Danilo Galician and Adam Mickiewicz, Hotel George, House books, and more.

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