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Interes'но во Львове - ваш персональный гид по Львову. Экскурсии по Львову


Where to go to Lviv on Easter. Celebration program / 18.04.2014
Every year until Easter in Lviv organize many interesting thematic events, lots of attractions, master classes and festivals.
New Year's Eve program, Lviv, 2013-2014 / 06.01.2014
Lviv invites residents and guests to experience an incredible festive mood and Christmas spirit in the best Galician tradition.

Christmas Didukh will be installed on Jan. 6 in Yavorsky Square. In the courtyard of the City Hall from 2 to 5 and 7 January, the theater "Resurrection" will show its play "When the angels descend to the ground."
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